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1.) Church Community

Contributors using a form of electronic contributions tend to give more than contributors who give through traditional means. Communities using myEoffering have witnessed giving increases of over 50%. This increase occurs because contributors have an opportunity to consciously plan and pray for the amount in which they contribute NOT give whatever is left in the checkbook or pant pockets on Sunday morning. Research shows that those who plan and give their gifts monthly give 40% more than those who give whatever they want or can on a week-to-week basis.

Prayerful consideration of giving to God first and seeing their contribution as more of an obligation enable contributors to witness a powerful sense of stewardship.

Consistent giving allows church communities the ability to better plan and consciously spend.

myEoffering allows for steady income throughout vacation season or snowbird season which ordinarily would have seen a significant decrease in donor participation.

All church special collections are not only available for giving, but pushed out electronically to contributors the week prior of the date of the special collection.

The church has the real time opportunity to add or delete any special collections at any time.

Church receives a detailed reporting schedule outlining all contributors, contribution amounts and designations.

myEoffering can merge with any software.

myEoffering allows church communities that also support a school on campus to recieve tuition electronically making a more consistant approach recieving full tuition amounts.


2.) Donor Benefit

Donors that give electronically, give through myEoffering because it is more efficient for their household. Many donors pay their bills electronically (ACH) and/or through credit cards and use only a check for their church contribution.

Donors can use their credit card. Although no church community supports donor debt, many families prefer to use credit cards in a responsible manner. Many prefer the security, ease of bill paying or simply collect reward points. Statistics show greater than 65% of electronic donors use credit cards and tend to give 2-3% more than ACH givers.

Donors can customize their own method of giving based on how they receive their income. (ex biweekly, semimonthly or monthly)

Donors can manage all of their giving at one time. They can plan and designate their contributions for all weekly collections, extra church collections and tuition at the same time that they pledge their regular Offertory gift.


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